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Dear Residents:

UPDATE: July 12, 2021

Apple Creek Tower Rehab Update:

The Cemetery water tower rehab that was set for fall has been moved up to August 9th. The Village would like to update the residents so everyone is aware of what will happen and when. Of course there could be small adjustments to this plan to accommodate extra ordinary circumstances but in the event that would happen we will provide updates so please refer to the website for further information. 

The tower controls will not permit individual operation so in order to drain as much water from the Cemetery tower we will need to drain both towers to a safe level then isolate the Cemetery tower and continue to drain it so the necessary work can be done. We will be doing a draw down on both towers the week of 7/11/21 in order to gather necessary data. We will be monitoring line pressure and flow for several days and logging that data for future projects on the water system. The following is the plan for the testing:

On the morning of 7/13 we will reset the control panel to allow the towers to drop levels. While that is going on we will monitor pressure and flow so we can determine the safe levels that can be reached. We want to draw down the Cemetery tank just enough that can finish emptying it in a timely fashion but not release rusty water to the system any more than necessary. We will be monitoring pressure and flow rates through Wednesday the 14th then begin filling towers on the evening of the 14th through the 16th. During this time you may experience:

1) Low water pressure

2) Periods of discolored water

We will perform bacteria testing throughout this period to ensure safety in the water supply. After this test we can determine an accurate approach to the tower draining and subsequent rehab of the Cemetery tower.

To prepare for the work on 8/9/21 the same procedure will be followed starting on 8/4/21 with the exception of the Cemetery tower not being returned to service until the interior rehabilitation is complete.

Steven Wolfe


Wayne County Environmental Services

428 West Liberty Street

Wooster, OH 44691